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Why Trueconf ?
چرا تروکانف ؟
icon Free Client Applications
ارائه رایگان برنامه های کلاینت

icon 3D Video Confrencing
اولین ویدیو کنفرانس سه بعدی دنیا

icon 4k Ultra HD Quality
تماس ویدیویی با کیفیت اولترا اچ دی

icon Double Side Recording
قابلیت ضبط کنفرانس در سرور و کلاینت

icon Cross Platform
توانایی کار در همه سیستم عامل ها

icon LAN or VPN
قابلیت اجرا در شبکه داخلی بدون اینترنت

What you can do with Trueconf ?
با تروکانف چه می توان کرد؟
icon High Quality Video Call
تماس ویدیویی با کیفیت

icon Intecom Communication
ارتباط درون سازمانی

icon Webinar Presentation
برگزاری وبینار

icon Online Advice Service
مشاوره از راه دور

icon Multi Video Conference
مولتی ویدیو کنفرانس

icon Online Meetings
برگزاری جلسات آنلاین

icon Online Education
آموزش از راه دور

icon Branch Connection
ارتباط بین دفاتر و شعب

icon Online Health Services
ویزیت پزشکی آنلاین

Welcome to TrueConf Middle East


We are Doicom Group The TrueConf Official Sales & Support Respective at Middle East.

ما گروه مهندسی دایکام هستیم ، نمایندگی انحصاری تروکانف در ایران و خاورمیانه

icon Video Conference Server
تروکانف سرور

This is Free and Limited Edition of TrueConf Video Conference Server you can download for your windows(server/xp/7). دانلود فایل راهنمای فارسی تروکانف سرور

icon Windows Client
تروکانف کلاینت

This is TrueConf Windows APP Client for all type of windows (XP , Seven, 8, 10). This App Completely and Always Free !

icon Android APP
اپ اندروید تروکانف

This is TrueConf Android APP Client for all type of Smart Phones and Tablet working with Android. Completely and Always Free !

icon Download IOS APP
اپ آیفون و آیپد تروکانف

This is TrueConf IOS APP Client for all type of IPHONEs and IPADs working with IOS. Completely and Always Free !

icon Linux Client
نرم افزار لینوکس تروکانف

This is TrueConf Linux APP Client for all type and versions of Linux. This App Completely and Always Free !

اپ مک تروکانف

This is TrueConf MAC OS APP Client for all type of Systems working with MAC OS. Completely and Always Free !

icon 4K Conference Server

4K resolution can be seen in TrueConf group conferences when the video windows of the participants are evenly distributed on the screen, thanks to the support of transmission of video streams from individual participants in resolutions up to 720p. When the number of users exceeds five, the total video resolution in the horizontal direction reaches up to 3840p.

icon Endpoint Compatible

We support all popular platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and even WebRTC(Cross Web Platform) . Our users can use any devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smarphones. Any device can be easily turned into a video conferencing endpoint. High quality of audio and video make our solutions a great alternative to live communication.

icon LAN/VPN or Internet

Video conferencing systems can be deployed on a LAN, and this method perfectly suits organizations with a distributed structure that wants to take care of their network security. To deploy video conferencing systems within a corporate network, a company will need specific software that allows them to organize either personal or multipoint video conferences.

OUR Customres

APPs ScreenShot


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  • TrueConf Video Conference Types
    Posted by : Amir

    TrueConf software-based video solutions support the following video conferencing modes: Video Call HD , Multipoint Video Conference , Video Lecture ,Virtual Meeting [...]

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  • Collaboration Tools
    Posted by : Amir

    TrueConf software-based video solutions support Collaboration Tools : Slide Show , Desktop Sharing , Recording (Client and Server mode) , Instant Messaging , Whiteboard , File Transfer , Address Book , Call History [...]

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  • System Features
    Posted by : Amir

    Main System Features of TrueConf video conference server is : WebRTC Video Conferences , High Level Security , LDAP Integration , Video Surveillance , UDP Multicast , User Privileges , Scalable Video Coding , Network Capabilities , Scalability and Federation , Website Integration , User Groups & Policies ,Data Encryption [...]

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  • LAN or Internet ? choise is yours
    Posted by : Amir

    TrueConf Server is a secure solution that allows you to conduct video conferences in a corporate (private) network without an Internet connection. Full independence, local infrastructure. Server maintenance is performed by your system administrator.[...]

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Used by more than 1,500 companies worldwide AND Deployed on 25,000 workstations and conference rooms. Most suitable for government, business, education, healthcare.

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